Globally United

About Our Organisation

 Globally United began in 2013. We are a small, volunteer operated organisation, people who have come together for one belief; assisting humanity. We have been continually expanding, and also have regular teams we work with; including medical staff and others who volunteer with us in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon & Turkey with assisting Syrian refugees. We have also been able to assist people of Palestine and Iraq. 2015 will see the expansion to assist the Rohingya people. We predominantly work on specialised projects to assist those in need.

Our sole purpose is to assist humanity. We belief in long term, self sustainable projects, but also assist with urgent aid requirements. We care that we are one in this world; about being united for humanity. 

Globally United was founded by Yasmin Al Tellawy after working in crisis regions in our world and seeing the need for greater assistance & more love. Yasmin has worked with many organisations across the world and has ran assistance programs for the homeless, trafficking victims and animal rescue over the past 10 years. Yasmin has worked extensively with victims of rape and other sexual abuses. 
Yasmin works as a producer & journalist covering humanitarian crisis in our world and has been covering the war in Syria from the beginning.

"Through my travels with my work, I have found that the one true thing we are lacking mostly in our world is love. This is something I believe we must share more, and that can be as simple as the kindness a smile can bring to another. We all have an incredible gift in our world to help one another, there is nothing more beautiful, or precious than this gift.

I started this organisation as I found many problems with assisting those who need our help from large charities & NGO's for a variety of reasons. Specific issues need dealt with in a much more personal & sensitive manner, and I also disagree with donors money going towards vast advertising & administration costs as many charities operate.

I have never witnessed tragedy like I have from my time working in Syria and in surrounding regions. I could never imagine so much suffering in our world, I could never imagine such brutality and violence as I have witnessed, I will always find it hard to comprehend how this is happening in our world. I cannot change the tragedy that war brings as much as I wish that I could end war ever happening, but I believe I can share these experiences with others in the hope that you will embrace humanity, that you will give love, and use this gift to help those in need with no barriers of religion, culture, or political beliefs. I believe our world needs more truth, peace & love and this is why I started this organisation.

The love I have been shown from those who have lost everything and more is the most beautiful emotion I could ever encounter. We must always focus on the good, on hope, and what can be if we just give a little more love in life. Every soul counts in our world and we can all do more to give more to give to our world. " - Yasmin Al Tellawy

Being Globally United, we know we can help our world; we can make a difference & we are making a difference through our work. 

War, crime, tragedy is all around us, humanity is divided. We believe we are one, we are equal in this life. Across the world we want to see unity for humanity. Humans will always have disagreements in small matters & on grander scales that will affect us all, but we can all believe in on thing in unity, and that is humanity. 

Religion, country, political beliefs, race or any other divides humans put between one another are damaging in our world. We are independent of any political or religious beliefs and we accept everyone to be a part of our foundation and we assist anyone in need that we can with no judgements.

We believe in giving the gift of love to those who need it most in our world through specialised projects, we are a small organisation, but are able to do life changing & life saving work with the foundations of our beliefs. We hope you can join us in spreading truth peace & love in our world.

We want to see smiles, laughter and a lot of love in our world. Please join us in being Globally United; together we can make a big impact.