Globally United

How to Donate

You can donate safely & securely via paypal. Our account is

You can also donate via direct bank transfer, or international wire from any country. Please email us for banking details. 

If you have a preferred method for send a donation that is not listed here please get in touch. 

How Do We Use Your Donation?

100% of your donation goes towards those in need. Few organisations operate like this, so please bear this in mind when donating to organisations. 100% of your money will be used to assist those in need and will never go to any running costs. Everyone who works for Globally United does so on a voluntary basis only. 

We do not believe in large advertising campaigns & spending a lot of donors money on things like this. We are a small, independent NGO; dependent on your donations to do our work. We won't waste your money you are so generous to give to help others on commercials, printing boxes with our logo on it, stickers to put anywhere we go, banners with our logo, posters with our logo or anything else alike simply because your money is to be used to save lives in our world. 

We have various projects; we work on long term projects to assist refugees to be self sufficient once again.

If you care about specific projects; maybe you want to donate to help in specific crisis just let us know. We feel that you should have a say on where your money goes and we will always endeavour to do our best to assist you. We are happy to setup any projects that we are in our capability to do if you have something specific in mind. We are also happy to guide you and assist you if you are wanting to set up projects similar to our own.

Your support enables us together to save lives & provide life changing care. We need your help. no matter what your donation is, we assure you, it goes a long way to benefit the lives of those desperately in need.

Thank you for choosing to support our work in changing lives, and saving lives in our world.