Globally United

Emergency Aid

Syria is facing the worst humanitarian crisis right now. Emergency aid is continually needed in the country & for those who have become refugees in foreign countries. 
We provide emergency aid internally & refugees in need elsewhere. Our aid includes medical supplies, food, clothing, hygiene packs, and much more. During winter months we increase our assistance with emergency aid; including blankets, boilers and other winter goods. 

Many organisations purchase their goods, or collect donated goods overseas. Many partake in convoys across Europe to get to the Middle East. These journey's are costly, including customs costs in many foreign countries. These costs are utilised from donors money. While we thing it is wonderful the work that is done, and the people who donate goods, we work in a different manner. 

We purchase goods locally; supporting local communities & getting goods at much lower costs than what would be in Europe or America for example. We accept donations of goods if the donor is covering the costs for shipments directly. As a small organisation every single penny is precious to us, and how we use our funds can mean all the difference with people getting aid or not getting aid. We are able to work in a timely manner as we can purchase goods on the same day and get them into Syria or other regions needing assistance much faster; cutting through a lot of red tape involved with many organisations.