Globally United

You can help us!

There are many ways you can help humanity. 

Make a Donation.

Donations are the most important when it comes to any organisation. Without your donations we are simply unable to assist anyone. As we are a 100% volunteer ran organisation we depend on your donations only to do the work we do. If you cannot make a donation right now there are many other ways you can help!

 Raise awareness.
Nowadays everyone is on social media somewhere in the world wide web. You can share our website, our work, donate a tweet to us, join us on Facebook and keep sharing the work we are doing. 100% of donations we receive go to the cause; this means we have no advertising expenses and we rely on good people across the world to share what we do to enable us to get more support. You can also request leaflets from us if you want to share more about our organisation in your workplace!

Hold an event.
You can have an event to raise funds for us! It could be a school event, a work event, a friends gathering, anything you want! We will support you and give you any tools you require for what you may do. We have had people hold photo exhibitions, an after school party, cupcake sales, marathon running and much more to help raise funds for us. We welcome any creative ideas you may have, or if you want some suggestions get in touch!

 Take part in an event.
You can run a half marathon, a marathon, do a skydive, parachute jump, run a 5KM race, do a triathlon, the list of possibilities is endless! There are thousands of events across the world that you can sign up to and raise money for causes in our world. Check for local events near you that are taking place and if you need any help registering let us know!

We are all volunteers within the organisation. There are no salaries. If you wish to volunteer with us you need to have a clean police record, experience in aid work, volunteering, social work, psychological work or another skill that can be useful to our organisation with the work we do. All travel costs are covered by the individual. If you wish to learn more about volunteering opportunities, please email us. 
Please note: We do not accept volunteers to work with us in Syria or other regions we deem as high risk. Our volunteers internally are special trained & we do not need more volunteers for this work.