Globally United

Individual Assistance

We have been able to help thousands of families with individual cases on a one-to-one basis. We have been able to help get children back into education, stop cases of child labour, assist children with medical needs and much more. 

We recognise that everyone has their own requirements when it comes to assistance needs. We have worked with over 14,000 families since we started in 2013. As a small organisation, we are able to be much more hands on with our help, we are able to be more personal and give the right support directly.

We have assisted families with everything you can imagine; medical care, finding housing, enrolling kids in local schools, paperwork for documentation, assisting young people with scholarship applications & assisting them through the full process, disability needs, work, getting kids out of child labour, family reunification; the list is rather long, you name it and I am sure we have done it. 

In overly populated refugee regions, the people are often taken advantage off & at a loss on where to go. This is where we come in. We try to speak to as many families as we can and reach out a helping hand where we can too.
Around 80% of refugees actually live outside of refugee camps, this means they are without any guidance & assistance. They often use what little money they have left to rent an apartment where they are charged at least double what the rental costs should be just because they are refugees and landlords take advantage of their situation.

We have encountered children as young as 6 years old working for less than what could feed themselves for a day. They have to try what they can to support their families. Girls are often requested as brides in compensation for rent. Families are left in further chaos after a dangerous journey out of their home country. We work with any cases we can find to get these families back on their feet again. 

While emergency aid is required in certain circumstances, it is a short term bandage. We are now able to see thousands of families we have supported standing back on their own feet thanks to your donations enabling us to do our work with our individual support we can offer. Without your donations however we are limited on just how many people we can reach out to.