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PTSD Support

PTSD is one of the biggest challenges for those who have lived within a war, suffered violence and witnessed the violence within a war. 
We assist youth through PTSD with art therapy. Art therapy is a great non invasive way to identify what is happening in the minds of the youth; then we can focus on assisting them through their trauma. We have classes for under 16's to attend, and we also work on a one-to-one basis where needed with the individual. 

It can be extremely difficult for youth in particular to express their trauma, many children from Syria have witnessed atrocious crimes, many have witnessed to loss of their loved ones, many have endured injuries. A lot of children suffer with nightmares. We work to get these children back to a happy place, a place where they can attend school again; this is also something we help families with; education placement.

Many children suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a condition that is often left untreated. The childhood years of our lives are the most important and are what shape us for the future. If we leave these children untreated from PTSD, then we are creating a highly unstable environment for their growth. 

Through art therapy we are able to identify children suffering from PTSD or other issues. It is a great interactive way for children to express their feelings in a non intrusive, natural environment. Through their drawings we can often identify who is suffering, how they are suffering, and give them the assistance they need. Children are able to express themselves naturally through drawing, when they feel unable to talk about what the have witnessed. 

Many children from Syria, as young as 4 years old have drawn us extremely graphic pictures. Some are drawn and expressed with a lot of anger behind their drawing. Scenes where a child would normally draw a park with pretty flowers and the sun have often been replaced by strong use of a red crayon to represent blood and at times even have heads in the blood. Some of the scenes are taken from what the have witnessed, and some from what they hear being spoken of constantly. 

We not only work with children, but with adults; male & female. We have psychologists on hand to support those in need.