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Our appeal for the Rohingya crisis is ongoing. Please note, due to the current problems operating with Rahkine State we have had to put our work on hold temporarily until 2016. The situation is out of our control due to the government rules in the region prohibiting access for our work. 
Our projects include:
- 2 field clinics in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. 4 doctors in each clinic, continually medical supplies for each clinic will be supplied. 
- Emergency aid in Rakhine state for 8000 Rohingya in urgent need of clothing, food, hygiene and other emergency aid supplies. (We hope to increase this number but we are planned within our current budget at present)
There is continual violence in the region and we expect this to continue especially now with the current situation. 
- 12 water wells. Inclusive of Rakhine State, Bangladesh & Western Myanmar bordering Rakhine State. All within refuge areas. They will be build within and for the Rohingya people who have had to flee violence. The water wells shall not only provide clean drink facilities & hygiene but will also be able to assist with growing crops. Enabling the people who have had to start again to begin taking care of themselves and build their lives again. We shall also be providing the material required for crops costing around $5000 in total.
Each water well shall cost just under $4000. We shall be providing hand dug water wells that operate on a self pump system. These are highly efficient and do not occur running costs as other wells can. They can serve over 1000 people daily with clean water. 
Due to poor hygiene from lack of clean water there have been thousands of deaths due to illness and disease spreading within communities also. Sickness is also quite common within communities due to the lack of clean water available.
We have identified 12 locations that we feel are in need of these systems. We would love to provide more in the future too. 
- 2 local schools in Rakhine State for children under 10. They will be ran by local teachers, who were teachers prior to having to flee violence to safety with teachers to local standards and practices. We shall be providing the buildings & materials such as books & stationary and any other curriculum laid out. Children have been out of education since 2012 in many cases. 
We have been granted independent access to operate in the region this week having been on the ground to lay out our plans and costs. We will be working with locals in the communities, providing them work with us while we set up building community strength. 
Recently aid workers have been evacuated from the region. There are few on the ground and the human rights situation is rapidly worsening. We were shocked at the lack of care available due to aid workers leaving. 
We will be working will locals to the communities for safety & ensuring we are able to continually do our work in the region, as we have set up in Syria also. 
We are continually fundraising towards this crisis. We have been able to lay out plans for our projects in the region thanks to one of our generous donors mainly. After assessing the situation on the ground we want to do even more. 
The Rohingya people have been suffering extreme violence for years. Their human rights have been taken away from them and they are living stateless. Their temporary ID’s have also recently been taken away from them. Every day 1000’s are attempting illegal smuggling routes out of Rakhine State to get to safety, but there are continual deaths across the waters with this. The Rohingya people are desperately in need out greater assistance; especially now that most aid workers have abandoned their work in the region. 
The Rohingya people have been suffering continual violence, persecution and discrimination. They deserve our care for humanity & you can help. 

If you wish to receive a copy of our regional response plan please email us. 

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