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Assistance for Victims of Sexual Violence & Explotation

We have various safe houses for victims requiring our assistance. Victims are welcome to stay at our safe houses if they have no place to sleep, or are in need of medical / psychological care. Many of our victims drop in on a daily or weekly basis for the assistance they need. 

All our safe houses are in private unmarked locations to protect the privacy of anyone seeking our help. All details of individuals are kept private. 

Throughout the war in Syria, many women, including children have been subjected to rape & sexual violence. We offer those victims the support they need in a loving environment, where they can share their experiences when they are ready, and we have teams of medical staff & psychologists on hand to give them the support they need. 

Many women have also been left widows with children to care for. In neighbouring countries to their own they have great pressure to feed their children, shelter their children and give them a stable life. Many women have been coerced into prostitution. We work with these women to get them out of this situation, offer them safety, protection and assist them to stability again. 

For more information about our work with our special cases please contact us directly. Due to the nature of assistance in the culture we are working in, we care about the privacy of our victims above all.