Globally United

What do we do?

We assist the people of Syria first and foremost as they face the worst humanitarian crisis right now. 

Our primary work is in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey & Europe assisting the people of Syria. We have also assisted with Palestine and are continually working on further assistance for the Rohingya people. 

We offer assistance in various ways. We also offer a lot of tailored assistance for individuals in need & donors with special requests. These are a few examples of how we assist;

Assistance for Victims of Sexual Violence & Exploitation

(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Support 

Emergency Aid

Medical Aid

Individual Assistance

Neo-Natal Care

Cancer Care

​Prosthetics Assistance

You can read more by visiting each page for further information. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us.